F1 Paper Model - 1961 Lotus 18 Free Paper Toy Download

F1 Paper Model - 1961 Lotus 18 Free Paper Toy Download


F1 Paper Model - 1961 Lotus 18 Free Paper Toy DownloadThis simple F1 paper car toy is a 1961 version Lotus 18, the paper model is designed by Ichiyama. There is also a 1960 version of the Lotus 18 car paper model. The Lotus 18 was a race car designed by Colin Chapman for use by Lotus in Formula Junior, Formula Two, and Formula One. It was the first mid-engined car built by Lotus and was a marked improvement over Chapman's early and only moderately successful front-engined formula cars, the 12 and 16. It was introduced for the 1960 F1, F2 and FJ seasons. As a stop-gap before the introduction of the 18's successor models, the Lotus 20 and 21, some 18 chassis were rebodied with 21 skins to create the interim Lotus 18/21 hybrid derivative.

The car was a classic Chapman design, being extremely light and simple; the body was made up of lightweight panels bolted to heavily-triangulated tube frame chassis. Thus the car was rigid and strong, maintaining the 16's forward weight distribution despite the engine moving behind the driver.

It was powered initially by a 2,494.93 cc Coventry Climax (3.70 x 3.54 in) four cylinder engine inherited from the Lotus 16 which produced 239 hp (178 kW) at 6,750 rpm from a weight of only 290 lbs (132 kg) and had a wide torque range. In order to capitalize on this weight advantage, Chapman designed a light, sleek machine only 28 inches (71 cm) high and weighing just 980 lbs (440 kg). To help facilitate this, the driver was placed in a semi-reclining position, pioneered about a decade before by Gustav Baumm of NSU.

You can download this paper craft template here: F1 Paper Model - 1961 Lotus 18 Free Paper Toy Download

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