Eyeshield 21 - Sena Kobayakawa Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Eyeshield 21 - Sena Kobayakawa Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Eyeshield 21 - Sena Kobayakawa Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Sena Kobayakawa, the main character of the anime / manga series Eyeshield 21, this paper craft was created by alonso jacobo. Sena Kobayakawa is a student at Deimon High School who is forcefully recruited by Yoichi Hiruma to become the running back for the school's American football team, the Deimon Devil Bats. To hide his amazing running ability from the school's other athletic clubs, Hiruma disguises Sena's identity with a colored eyeshield while he plays, and has him use the series eponymous codename "Eyeshield 21".

For much of the series, this is a secret known only to a very small group of people, before Sena grows more mature and confident in his abilities and eventually discards the disguise, throughout the series Sena affirms his position in the team as being the Deimon Devil Bats' unquestioned Ace. His parents are: Shuuma Kobayakawa, an office worker and Mihae Kobayakawa, a housewife.

For his entire life, Sena has been an extremely timid pushover. This begins to change as he matures through the series, largely due to his experiences playing American football. While Sena remains fearful of injury and is easily intimidated for the duration ofts confidently and never boasts about his abilities, and whenever he attempts to make a bold statement, he tends to trail off at the end as his own self-doubt and fear cause his countenance to fall apart. He does not usually grow angry, only doing so when peopleutlook usually contrasts with those of his more confident and reckless friends and teammates, such as Monta and Suzuna. Despite this negativity, which can be a bit annoying sometimes, Sena always becomes determined in the crucial moment of a match when he must surpass an opponent with superior abilities, and could be said to act appropriately when it matters most.

Jersey: 21
40 yard dash: 4.2/4.1 seconds
Bench Press: 45 kg
Weight: 48 kg (106 lb)
Height: 155 cm (5' 1")
Position:Running Back/Free Safety

Sena is a rather short and somewhat frail high school student, and is overall so small that he is frequently dragged or carried around against his will at the beginning of the series. He grows somewhat taller and more muscular as he physically grows through the course of his first year in high school and also trains his body by playing football. His hair is black with several streaks of brown, which are dyed. However his hair also seems to be naturally spiky and sweeping up and to the left, judging by how his hair had the same shape when he was a child.

Eyeshield 21 is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. The series tells the story of Sena Kobayakawa, a introvert boy who joined the American football club. He initially joined the club as secretary, but after being coerced by Hiruma, turns out to play wearing an eyeshield and the number 21, under the pseudonym of "Eyeshield 21". Riichiro Inagaki chose American football as a central theme for Eyeshield 21 after realizing that it fit perfectly with the idea he had in mind for the series.

The plot of Eyeshield 21 revolves around a weak and non-assertive boy named Sena Kobayakawa who enters the high school of his choice, Deimon Private Senior High School, where his childhood friend Mamori Anezaki attended school the year before. His only remarkable physical abilities are his running speed and intense agility, the result of a school life spent complying with the demands of bullies. It was revealed later that a friend, Riku, taught him how to run fast to help him against bullies. His abilities quickly catch the eye of the high school's American football team captain Yoichi Hiruma, who forces Sena to join the Deimon Devil Bats as its running back.

To protect his identity from other teams who want to recruit him, Sena is forced to publicly assume the role of team secretary and enter the field wearing a helmet equipped with a green-tinted eyeshield in order to hide his features under the pseudonym of "Eyeshield 21." The makeshift team initially takes part in the spring football tournament hoping to win with through the strength of their new "secret weapon." However, the extremely weak team is eliminated early on by the Ojo White Knights, a powerhouse football team that focuses on defense.

After Deimon's defeat, the spring tournament is revealed as secondary in importance to the fall tournament, where the teams compete for the chance to play in the "Christmas Bowl," the high school football league championship. Hiruma, Kurita, and Sena regroup and slowly build a real team from other misfits and students looking to define themselves, such as Tarō "Monta" Raimon, a baseball player who can only catch, and the Ha-Ha Brothers. Other characters slowly join the team, and the series follows the building and growth of the Deimon Devil Bats and its members as well as various rival teams as they all strive to achieve their goal of playing in the Christmas Bowl.

Following the Christmas Bowl, Japan begins to gather the best football players to form a team that will represent Japan at the American Football Youth World Championship, where an MVP will be rewarded an NFL contract and $3 million. Team Japan manages to make it to the final against Team America. The result is that a final touchdown by Sena at the buzzer ties the score, and both teams are declared winners, since no one expected anyone to win against America; however, the two teams are unsatisfied with this and tear straight back onto the field for their own improvised "overtime," causing chaos with officials. It is unclear which teams won the unofficial extra period but Panther of Team America won the MVP trophy aloft, winning the pro contract with the San Antonio Armadillos.

The series concludes with Sena becoming the captain of the Devil Bats when Hiruma and Kurita go off to college. In his final year of high school, Sena is invited to Notre Dame High School by Clifford, therefore fulfilling Hiruma's proclamation at the beginning of the series: the famous Eyeshield 21 of Notre Dame High has been born. All of the main characters are shown in the final chapter to be in college or playing amateur-league football while maintaining a job.

You can download this cube paper craft toy here: Eyeshield 21 - Sena Kobayakawa Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download