Ergo Proxy - Re-L Mayer (Lil Mayer) Free Paper Craft Download

Ergo Proxy - Re-L Mayer (Lil Mayer) Free Paper Craft Download


Ergo Proxy - Re-l Mayer (Lil Mayer) Free Paper Craft DownloadThis papercraft is the Re-l Mayer (Lil Mayer), based on the anime TV series “Ergo Proxy”, this paper craft is designed by Paperrizer. Re-l Mayer is one of the main characters of Ergo Proxy. As an investigator for the Intelligence Bureau in Romdeau , she is attacked by two monsters and drawn into the mystery of the Proxies. She eventually joins Vincent Law and Pino on their quest for answers.

Due to the nature of her position within Romdeau, Re-l is stiff-backed and emotionally cold at times. She holds herself as superior to Vincent, and sees only his weak and feeble demeanor, disregarding his power and physical ability as a Proxy. This may be a symptom of her years of training in the government service of Romdeau, or holding a royalty-esque status as the Regent's granddaughter, although she dislikes being referred to as a royal figure.

Re-l is somewhat of a perfectionist, quick tempered and seeking absolute control. This may stem from her paramilitary-like training. In the episode Busy Doing Nothing, she is seen following a rigid daily routine. She is greatly disturbed by Vincent's lax standard of hygiene. His lack of concern about the hole in his sock and thoughness of his shaving infuriate and baffle her. She takes matters into her own hands, pulling out the missed facial hair, demonstrating her need for control over her surroundings. By the end of the episode, she realizes her tension isn't helping the situation and tries to let go and loosen up, smiling and seeming more at peace.

At the start of the show, Re-L Mayer is shown as not quite a rebel but more so an oddball of Romdeau society; she has less of a regard for rules and regulations than the ideal fellow citizen who "always [obeys]" and believes that "questioning the system is bad." In the first episode, Re-L reveals that she finds Romdeau and its perfect fellow citizen "boring." She expresses disdain for Vincent at first because of his servile willingness to fit in as the ideal fellow citizen, but wonders whether it is herself that is the unnecessary element in a society like Romdeau, indicating the fact that Re-L is aware that she is different. However, it is her "intense encounter" with Ergo Proxy that marks the major turning point in her while, as it fills her with a burning need to solve the mystery of the Proxies, driving her to disregard even more rules of society than ever before. It is implied that Re-L's natural ability to bend rules and disregard regulations is partly due to the fact that she was genetically engineered to have the maximum amount of curiosity that a fellow citizen could have. She is hinted to "take after" someone, which could refer to Donov Mayer, her grandfather and Regent of Romdeau. However, her probing gets her in constant trouble with Donov, particularly when Re-L begins to make too much headway into the mystery of the Proxy.

Re-L's position in Romdeau seems to be one of some privilege. It is suggested that Re-L projects an image of a "career woman" in the Intelligence Bureau. Her Entourage, Iggy, teasingly refers to her as the "Princess" of Romdeau, while others below her station, such as the immigrant district's head, Petro Seller, refer to her as "your excellency" out of profound respect. Re-L also seems to have some political clout because of her grandfather. In episode 3, she believes that she can intercede on Vincent's behalf to clear him from all charges.

Concerning Re-L's childhood, not much is known about her early life, except through clips of her at a young age that Daedalusowns. As a child, Re-L seemed to be much less aloof than her current serious persona. Because it appears that Daedalus was filming one of the clips, it has been suggested that the current Re-L is a growth-accelerated being who is personally monitored by Daedalus, much like Real Mayer. However, as the anime gives no indication of Daedalus's age or past, the idea remains one of the mysteries in the show.

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