Eragon - Full Size Zar'roc Sword Free Papercraft Download

Eragon - Full Size Zar'roc Sword Free Papercraft Download


Eragon - Full Size Zar'roc Sword Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper model is a full size Zar'roc, the sword of the fallen Dragon Rider Morzan, and which had been once wielded by Eragon, based on the film Eragon, which is the first novel in the Inheritance Cycle, the papercraft is created by Tower Dweller.

Brom kept it following Morzan's death and later gave it to Eragon; Murtagh, Morzan's son and Eragon's half-brother, then took it from Eragon, since it was rightfully his by birth, at the Second Battle of the Burning Plains. The name "Zar'roc" meant "misery" in the Ancient Language. The name "misery" complemented the sword's actions, for Zar'roc was known for its destruction of many Dragons and their Riders.

Zar'roc's pommel was tear-drop shaped, set with a ruby the size of a small egg. The hilt was wrapped with silver wire. The blade itself was blood red, while its sheath was the color of red wine. Both the blade and sheath were marked with a "strange-looking symbol" that was etched in black. This symbol was a glyph in the Liduen Kvaedhí which presumably translated as "misery" to match the Ancient Language name of Zar'roc. Zar'roc was crafted by Rhunön, the elven smith who made all the Riders' swords. Though Zar'roc was a weapon that brought much pain and suffering, it was also a thing of great beauty. Zar'roc was 3 1/2 feet long. Eragon also thought the hilt should have been longer, so he could fight better two-handedly. This sword was a one-handed sword because Morzan liked to be able to fight with one hand and use magic with the other. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft template here: Eragon - Full Size Zar'roc Sword Free Papercraft Download