Entropia Universe - Spider Bomber Free Papercraft Download

Entropia Universe - Spider Bomber Free Papercraft Download


Entropia Planets - Spider Bomber Free Papercraft DownloadThis Entropia Planets papercraft is based on the same robot from the game "Entropia Universe". Entropia Universe is a massively multiplayer online virtual universe designed by the Swedish software company MindArk, based in Gothenburg.

The backstory of Entropia Universe is that of a distant science-fiction future. The specific settings vary a little bit on each planet. On Planet Calypso participants assume the roles of colonists who must develop the untamed planet of Calypso and explore its two continents, Eudoria and Amethera. Populated with fierce and dangerous creatures, the perilous wilderness on Calypso is also rich in minerals and ore, both of which can potentially be a source of income for would-be colonists.

There are two space stations in orbit over Calypso. Their names are - F.O.M.A. - FORTUNA (FOMA) & Crystal Palace (CP). In order to travel to them, players either need to own a flying vehicle capapable of space travel, or alternatively, players can pay other participants acting as pilots to fly them there.

Since the beginning of 2010 three new planets have been added to Entropia Universe. The first planet released was Rocktropia, which is a rock & roll themed planet. The second planet released was Next Island, which is a time travel resort planet. The third planet released was Planet Arkadia whish is a tresure hunting planet. On November 10th 2011 a fourth planet, Planet Cyrene, was announced to be released on May 1st 2012

The outposts, cities, and auction posts on the planet serve as trading hubs where virtual items such as tools, weapons, and minerals are bought and sold by colonists. The wide range of professions available to colonists makes the accumulation of skills and resources a lively business. The cities also serve as social and cultural connection points for the colonist community. Some colonists on a rare occasion participate in the project only socially without engaging in business, such as beggars and priests of Lootius.

You can download this robot papercraft from here: Entropia Universe - Spider Bomber Free Papercraft Download [Instruction]