Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! Free Paper Toy Download

Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! Free Paper Toy Download


Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! Free Paper Toy DownloadThese paper people crafts are from the Tell 'Em Steve-Dave!, papercraft was designed by sally. Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! is a weekly podcast that is released Fridays on the SModcast Podcast Network. It is hosted by View Askew Productions regulars and close friends of Kevin Smith, "Steve-Dave" Bryan Johnson, "Fanboy" Walt Flanagan, as well as the "dubious tech guy" Brian Quinn. They are also joined regularly by Ming Chen, who works on the many View Askew websites, as well as Johnson's longtime girlfriend, Suzanne. On occasion, the group has also been joined by Sunday Jeff, who works the Sunday shift at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. Jeff was also a host on the podcast Puck Nuts. Johnson played Steve-Dave and Flanagan played Fanboy who yelled "Tell 'em, Steve-Dave!" in Mallrats.

As of February, 2012 they have released 103 episodes of the podcast, as well as 6 bonus podcasts which can be purchased on their bandcamp page although the album contains 7 podcasts one of which is a bonus Puck Nuts episode which the hosts also appear on. Additionally the first annual Tell 'Em Steve-Dave Christmas-Pod was released on Black Friday of 2011.

You can download this paper crafts toy from here: Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! Free Paper Toy Download