Elio Papercraft by Rob Diaz

Elio Papercraft by Rob Diaz


Elio Papercraft Here's a funny stop motion film created by Venezuelan-born / Spain-based animator, Rob Diaz, it uses papercrafts for its characters and props.

The title of the film is "Elio", and features a pudgy bald guy (Elio) who is sweeping the floor, he starts listening to his iPod and something happens ^^

The best thing about this is that Rob has also released the templates for Elio, we've got Regular Elio, Fancy Elio, and a Blank Elio for the customizers out there.

This film was entirely done with a Nokia XpressMusic 5800 and is Rob's entry to a local contest. If you like it, show your support by voting for Rob at this link (look for Elio under the DEF category).

Elio Papercraft by Rob Diaz [Download]

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