EarthBound - Frank Fly Free Papercraft Download

EarthBound - Frank Fly Free Papercraft Download


EarthBound - Frank Fly Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper model is Frank Fly, designed by el-morenazo. Frank Fly is a character and boss from the SNES game EarthBound. He is the self-proclaimed "fail-proof" leader of the Sharks street gang.

A misguided youth, Frank is adept with a switchblade, and sends out his robot Frankystein Mark II after he is defeated. When Ness defeats both of them, Frank changes his ways and starts working at a local Burger Shop. He is seen near the end of the game, where he pray for Ness's safety, helping him defeat Giygas.

It seems that he is possibly either in his teens or early twenties, as he says he's still "underage" when you talk to him after defeating Giygas. His battle theme is not unique, as he shares this theme with a later enemy in Twoson, the New Age Retro Hippie. The reason he thought he was fail-proof is because no one before Ness challenged him to battle at all. Even the Onett Police Force did not try to arrest him nor the Sharks, hinting at the ineffectiveness of the Onett Police.

You can download this earth bound papercraft from here: EarthBound - Frank Fly Free Papercraft Download