Earth Day Papercraft - 2008

Earth Day Papercraft - 2008


Today is Earth Day, a day that we call for action to protect our blue planet's fragile ecosystems from our excessive and unrestrained use of its natural resources. I've searched for some Earth Day papercraft or anything related to it but there's not much out there that has good quality to them. These three however, fit perfectly. We start of with Canon's Globe Puzzle papercraft, we've previously shown this one before but its a very good paper model and educational tool that we'll show it again.

Next we go to Italia to our friend Pino's place (Paperpino) for his Earth Relief Globe papercraft, and finally we visit Japan to see the eco-kun papercraft character, it's a mascot for the Kahma Company Ltd. that promotes eco-friendly products - Kahma is a DIY hardware and household goods store, similar to Home Depot or Lowes here in the US.

Globe Puzzle Papercraft [Canon Creative Park]
Earth Relief Globe Papercraft [Paperpino]
Eco-kun Papercraft Mascot [Kahma]

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