Dynastes Neptunus Free Paper Model Download

Dynastes Neptunus Free Paper Model Download


Dynastes Neptunus Free Paper Model DownloadThis is a Dynastes Neptunus, one of the largest and most impressive rhino beetles and belongs to the tribe Dynastini, containing most of the largest species, the papercraft is created by Gakken Kids.

The Neptune beetle reaches a maximum length (including horns) of at least 16 cm and is entirely shiny black or dark brown in colour with a clothing of reddish yellow hairs underneath.

This Neotropical beetle occurs in the Andes mountains of South America, where it lives in the megadiverse cloudforest. The males use their horns to fight other males for access to females, which are hornless.

They pass their larval stage developing in decomposing tree trunks, probably for several years, before the adults emerge and take flight at night on their search for mates. Large rhino beetles such as Dynastes neptunus are popular pets, particularly in Asia, where they are bred by children and adults alike. [Source: Natural History Museum]

You can download the papercraft template here: Dynastes Neptunus Free Paper Model Download