Dustforce - Dustman Free Papercraft Download

Dustforce - Dustman Free Papercraft Download


Dustforce - Dustman Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Dustman, the default character in platform video game Dustforce, the paper model created by Mr_Qqn. He wears blue overalls with a white shirt underneath. He uses a common house-broom as his cleaning tool. He moves at an average speed, has the longest dash of all the characters, and an attack that covers a well-rounded area. His jump is the same height as Dustgirl.

Dustforce is a platform game that has been compared to games such as Super Meat Boy and N+, where fast-response timed actions are considered necessary to complete the game. It is set in a world where filth has corrupted the creatures that live in the area; the four-member Dustforce team of janitors aims to clean up the mess and restore the world. An overworld provides access to more than fifty levels, though about half are initially locked to the player.

You can download the papercraft model here: Dustforce - Dustman Free Papercraft Download