Duke Nukem Forever - Duke Nukem Free Paper Toy Download

Duke Nukem Forever - Duke Nukem Free Paper Toy Download


Duke Nukem Forever - Duke Nukem Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is Duke Nukem, a legendary American hero who has defended Earth from various evildoers over a dozen times, emerging triumphant over every threat, based on the 2011 first-person shooter video game Duke Nukem Forever, the papercraft was created by Bryan. There is also a Duke Nukem Forever Logo Paper Craft on the site.

Duke NukemĀ is the flagship character for an entire franchise named after him. Befitting an All-American hero, Duke is supremely physically fit and completely confident in himself and his abilities, accomplishing sometimes superhuman feats through sheer aggression and ruthless combat skills. He is quick to a wisecrack and frequently speaks his mind, but cares little for his detractors, as he knows his heroic physical accomplishments speak for themselves.

Duke is 6"4" and is able to bench press at least 600 lbs. He is strong enough to easily overpower many inhuman enemies at melee combat, including cyborg Dukeinators and raging alien Pig Cops; his Mighty Boot attack in Duke Nukem Forever has been shown to decapitate enemies; and he has also been shown to rip a head completely off its body using brute strength alone. He is tough enough to trek unprotected through the hostile surface of the moon, as seen in the new Duke Nukem Forever DLC. Duke is also highly skilled in using various types of firearms and explosives, able to wield nearly everything from contemporary weapons like pistols, assault rifles and pipe bombs all the way to experimental human or outright alien weapons like the Shrink Ray or alien Enforcer Gun.

Duke is never seen without his signature sunglasses, red tank top, and blue jeans; he is also outfitted with a black combat harness that contains many utility pouches for extra ammo or explosives. His hairstyle is the constant platinum blond, military-style haircut seen since his debut. Finally, he is rarely seen without his favorite sidearm, the gold-plated M1911, marked with Duke's symbol, the Nuke Logo. For more information of Duke Nukem please click here.

You can download the papercraft toy here: Duke Nukem Forever - Duke Nukem Free Paper Toy Download