Duitse Huis Pop-Up Free Paper Craft Pattern Download

Duitse Huis Pop-Up Free Paper Craft Pattern Download


Duitse Huis Pop-Up Free Paper Craft Pattern DownloadThis paper craft is the "Duitse Huis" , designed by Annelies Smit. The Duitse Huis in the Dutch city Utrecht is the ancient and monumental headquarters of the Teutonic Order in its Dutch Bailiwick. It was and is the residence of the Commander of the Order Land.

The house is the second house with this name an earlier Duitse Huis was outside the city walls at the height of the Tolsteegsingel since 1231. This in times of war dangerous house was located in 1345 after looting replaced by a new complex on a site on the Springweg. The complex consisted of a main building of 50 by 11 meters, several outbuildings and a church. However, the church collapsed in the tornado of 1674, which also ship blew down from the cathedral.

Duitse Huis
The real "Duitse Huis"

At the request of Louis Napoleon, King of Holland, sold the Bailiwick in 1807, more or less voluntarily and to expropriation before, her residence to the Government who wanted to establish the Ministry of finance. Did the sale under circumstances of De Balije first right of sale of the complex ever again for sale would be offered. The Duitse Huis was no Ministry, but the national military hospital. The historic building that had been declared as a national monument by the Ministry of defence, was nevertheless thoroughly corrupted and poorly maintained, which in 1989 led to a failed squats.

In 1992 the Balije could finally use its first right of purchase. They bought a part of the complex back and after a thorough restoration involved the chivalric order in the German Protestant Balije Utrecht in 1995 again her old House.

painting of the Duitse Huis
A painting of the Duitse Huis

Another part of the large complex of buildings at that time was still to become run down. In 1997, the part that was then converted into the "Grand Hotel Karel V" several months been cracked. This squat brought an end to the damage that the original wooden floor goes up because the property was now heated. The well that one has found is eventually included in the restoration.

The hotel is named after Charles V, Holy Roman emperor who would have found shelter in the building, along with his sister Maria of Hungary, to attend the chapter meeting of the order of the Golden Fleece in 1546. At the hotel is a part named "Roman wing" that takes its name from the find of Utrecht archaeologists prior to construction in 2007 on this place: a Roman burial field (40-275 ad) where cremated remains in urns from possible builders of the Utrecht castellum Traiectum are buried. Being the first Roman tombs that are found in the Utrecht city centre. It is believed that the grave field is much larger than the research field. In the hotel are traces of the Roman past of Utrecht, including some special archaeological finds, visible for visitors.

You can download the paper craft pattern here: Duitse Huis Pop-Up Free Paper Craft Pattern Download