Duel - Peterbilt 281 Tanker Truck Paper Model Free Download

Duel - Peterbilt 281 Tanker Truck Paper Model Free Download


Duel - Peterbilt 281 Tanker Truck Paper Model Free DownloadThis truck paper model is a Peterbilt 281, created by RonaldoM. The scale of the papercraft is in 1:50. The Peterbilt 281 was a companion series with the Peterbilt 351 from the line of Peterbilt big rigs. The truck emerged from Peterbilt's assembly plant in Oakland, California in 1954. It only has two small round headlights.

Its most notable features were its narrow nose and butterfly hood, which made it popular with truckers due to its easy engine access.

The 281/351 was most likely the most durable and popular series ever produced by Peterbilt. On top of that, the basic design made way for different models. Tilt cab-over-engine models were introduced in 1959. The series was produced until 1976.

The release of Steven Spielberg's first feature film, Duel, in 1971 made the 281 notorious to the public. The film's premise involved a psychotic trucker chasing a terrified motorist, played by Dennis Weaver, down a lonely California desert highway with a rusty, grimy 281. The suspenseful film was popular with the public, making the truck popular with collectors due to its eerie and mysterious design. Spielberg chose the truck after an "audition" of big rigs because he thought the truck's appearance from the front suggested a face. In the film the driver was unseen, and he wanted viewers to see the truck itself as the villain.

Duel had four 281/351s purchased as "stunt rigs." The original was a 1955 281 with tag axle used for the original 74-minute version of the film. When the film was scheduled for theatrical release, the film was expanded to 90 minutes.

Three nearly identical trucks were purchased after the first was lost. Two of these were for the additional scenes in the theatrical version. The first was a 1964 351, virtually identical in appearance to the original, with the exception of the air intake. The whereabouts of this truck are unknown.

The second was a 1960 281 with tag axle for use if the second truck failed; this is the surviving truck. Its rear axles were replaced after the movie. Because the axle replacement was done in such a way that both rear axles are driven, it is now technically a 351. After the film, the only surviving truck changed owners several times, and is currently in possession of a truck collector in North Carolina.

The third truck was a short-wheelbase 351 used in an episode of the CBS-TV series The Incredible Hulk titled "Never Give a Trucker an Even Break" from 1978, which like Duel was produced by Universal. The episode reused stock footage from the original film, making Spielberg furious. [Source: wiki]

You can download the papercraft model here: Duel - Peterbilt 281 Tanker Truck Paper Model Free Download


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