Dregs - Max and Mark Paper People Free Paper Toys Download

Dregs - Max and Mark Paper People Free Paper Toys Download


Dregs - Max and Mark Paper People Free Paper Toys DownloadThese two are Max Dickins and Mark Smith, the papercrafts created by sally. Hotly-tipped comedy double-act Dregs, present hilarious sketches and bonhomie from the minds of Max Dickins and Mark Smith. Best of mates, or so it seems, chiseled Mark and well built Max present a variety of hilarious sketches and infighting. Watch their relationship unravel as they compete for the affection of the audience and try to save face. With recent sketches on Channel 4's This Just In and BBC2’s Dick and Dom’s Funny Business, Dregs are undoubtedly the new boys on the block to watch. Aided by ageing out-of work actor John Dredge who reluctantly looks after the technical requirements, the boys bring you into their unique world where men sell zoos door to door and destitute Northerners hold self-help seminars.

Max Dickins was found by Mark in a skip when he was just two months old. Despite his youth, Max was already bench-pressing air-blocks and wolf whistling at birds (women). Tragically, Max had been abandoned by his family because they thought he 'looked a bit foreign'. Mark raised Max to become a Sony nominated radio presented for Absolute Radio and a hotly tipped stand-up comedian who is appearing as part of The Lunchtime Club at Edinburgh in 2011. He was also one of The Sun's Comedy Picks for 2011. Eventually the duo formed Dregs and the rest is history. Obviously.

Finalist of So You Think You’re Funny 2009, Mark Smith has been a stand-up since 2009 and has rapidly established himself as one of the of the most exciting new comics on the circuit, he’s also a writer, presenter and actor. Mark has ventured into television to present on MTV, just finished writing his first sitcom and recently started work on a documentary project. He totally disagrees with Max's 'funny' and frivolous blurb above. [Source: Dregs Original Site]

You can download the papercraft toys here: Dregs - Max and Mark Paper People Free Paper Toys Download