Dragon Quest V - Nera Briscoletti (Flora) Free Figure Papercraft Download

Dragon Quest V - Nera Briscoletti (Flora) Free Figure Papercraft Download


Dragon Quest V - Nera Briscoletti (Flora) Free Figure Papercraft DownloadThis figure papercraft is Nera Briscoletti (Flora in fan-translations), a character and possible party member in the role-playing video game Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, the paper model was created by yoshiniti. Flora is a blue-haired maiden and one of Rodrigo Briscoletti's two daughters.

Nera is a gentle and modest girl, a stark contrast to her rude and outspoken sister Debora. Her outfit is a bright white and pink affair, its intricacies reflecting the rich family she comes from. She has long flowing blue hair which is tied by a big pink ribbon. She also adorned with necklaces, once again showing her family's wealth.

Flora Papercraft 1She is very obedient to her parents, often going along with her father's whishes just to see him happy even when she doesn't agree with him, she would never go against his word unless she feels that it's absolutly necessary. She is well known in Mostroferrato as a gentle soul that would help anyone in need and is quite popular with the children of the town, who see her with a mix of admiration and even a bit of a crush.

As a wife, Nera is very caring and devoted to the Hero, expressing great joy and gratitude when he agrees to bring her with him in his search for his mother and constantly showering him with praise and tenderness. She also appears to have a jealous streak when Bianca is brought up and constantly asures the Hero that she will make him as happy as he would be if he had chosen Bianca for his bride. She is argueably the most tender of the wives the Hero can choose as she constantly reffers to the Hero with pet names like "darling" and also tends to cater to his needs, going as far as claiming she will bear him as many children he whishes.

Flora Papercraft 2Despite having many positive qualities, she's also somewhat plagued with self confidence issues and as she tells the Hero when he picks her that "all she can be is a wife who relies on him for shelter and protection". She does however grow much more confident and self reliant during her time travelling with the Hero.

As a mother, she is very loving and cares deeply for her children, showing sometimes sorrow that she could not be there for them but she will make it up to them nonetheless, and constantly worries about their well being while travelling, as she doesn't want anything to happen to them. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft model here: Dragon Quest V - Nera Briscoletti (Flora) Free Figure Papercraft Download