Dragon Ball - Kame House Free Papercraft Download

Dragon Ball - Kame House Free Papercraft Download


Dragon Ball - Kame House Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is the Kame House, a house on a very small island in the middle of the sea, the home of Master Roshi, and for much of the  series, the paper model created by João Vieira. Kame House also becomes Krillin's permanent residence; during the Majin Buu Saga, he still lives there along with his wife and daughter. Its address is NBI 8250012 B.

The house itself is very distinctive. It is painted pink, with a red roof, and the words "KAME HOUSE" are displayed prominently on the front of the upper story. Kame House is the primary training site of Goku, Krillin, and later Yamcha during the Tournament and Fortuneteller Baba Sagas. It was built strong enough to withstand a tsunami, as evidenced with Krillin, when trying to practice his Kamehameha technique while getting his mind off his breakup with Maron, accidentally creating a tsunami that engulfed the house with the house still standing unscathed in the aftermath of the tsunami. It was presumably designed this way in case one of the students did mess up with the Kamehameha.

During the Dragon Ball anime, it served as a de facto stronghold for the Z Fighters, but during Dragon Ball Z, the team used Kami's Lookout as their base of operations instead, using the house primarily as a hideout due to its location. One example of this was when Goku was recovering from the viral heart disease and hid there along with some of the other Z Fighters. [Source: wikia]

About this Dragon Ball paper model:
Height: 15 cm
Difficulty: Easy
Pages: 8
Format: PDO / PDF

You can download this paper craft template here: Dragon Ball - Kame House Free Papercraft Download