Dragon Ball - Golden Frieza Free Papercraft Download

Dragon Ball - Golden Frieza Free Papercraft Download


Dragon Ball - Golden Frieza Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Golden Frieza, the Ultimate Evolution of Frieza's race, first discovered by and named by Frieza himself, based on the  manga / anime series, the papercraft is created by Darkcrash. The size of finished model is about 300 (H) x 252 (W) x 195 (D) mm.

This transformation is achieved by Frieza through vigorous training methods due to his obsessive need for revenge against Goku. While in this form, the user becomes several inches taller. The eye ridges become visibly pronounced and skin turns purple with their biological armor changes color, in Frieza's case gaining a glimmering golden shine. It is implied that the user can choose what color they want their biological armor to take when they use attain their Golden form, as Frieza mentioned that he "made it gold". The muscle mass of the user is larger than Frieza's true form. When in base color, it looks almost the same as the final form, but the muscle mass stays the same, and the purple plates cover the whole shoulder instead of the top. When unleashing ki from their body, the user generates a fiery-like aura. [Source: wikia]

You can download this pokemon paper model template here: Dragon Ball - Golden Frieza Free Papercraft Download [DropBox] [Yadi.sk] [Box] [Gavitex] [Ge.tt]