Dragon Ball - Chibi Super Buu Free Papercraft Download

Dragon Ball - Chibi Super Buu Free Papercraft Download


Dragon Ball - Chibi Super Buu Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft model is a  Super Buu (aka Majin Buu Evil), the end result of Evil Buu eating the Good Buu turned into chocolate, from the  series, the paper model was created by Juke. There is also a Chibi Majin Buu Papercraft on the site.

This new Majin Buu has a tremendous increase in power and has an increased mental capacity. In this form, Buu has very little patience and has extremely dangerous fits of anger, even possessing the power to rip through dimensional walls if he gets angry enough.

Super Buu is a mixture in appearance between Good Buu and Evil Buu, retaining Good Buu's skin color, but having a closer facial structure to that of Evil Buu. Unlike Majin Buu's obesity and Evil Buu's thinness, Super Buu is muscular, and much taller than both of the previous forms of Buu. In the anime, Super Buu was originally depicted with white pupils like Evil Buu. It was only after Gotenks delivered a free punch to his jaw in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that they turned red for the duration of the anime. Buu's blood is purple, though it is not seen often, as he is rubbery and can be blown to bits and survive.

It is first seen in "A Whole New Gohan", after Gohan arrives and starts pounding Buu. There is also a scene when Super Buu is losing to Vegito so he is "forced" to tear holes between all the dimensions, and clenches his fist so hard it begins to bleed. It is also seen when Vegito kicks him in the face, giving him a nosebleed (to which the unstoppable Saiyan immediately mouthed off about). Furthermore, Super Buu's tongue is blue, while the original Majin Buu's tongue is colored red like that of Humans.

Unlike Good Buu, Super Buu does not feel doubt in any of his actions, and is not willing to let people inform him as to why they may be immoral. Super Buu develops qualities of both Good Buu and Evil Buu, with Super Buu retaining Good Buu's short temper and urges to act violent, while also gaining a little more intelligence, something Evil Buu showed in his battle with Good Buu. This trait is random though: sometimes Super Buu can detect when he is being lied to or deceived, is able to calculate the number of Humans remaining on Earth just by looking down from Kami's Lookout, and can also fool people into falling for his traps. However, on other occasions, he falls for simple tricks, is unable to understand lengths of time, and may develop strategies that fail due to their lack of development.

Super Buu (Gohan absorbed) stated that his favorite flavor of candy is coffee. In the Ocean group's dub, his favorite flavor of candy is chocolate. [Source: wikia]

About the Dragon Ball paper model:
Size: 37 cm
Pages: 7
Format: .pdo line + lineless

You can download the papercraft model here: Dragon Ball - Chibi Super Buu Free Papercraft Download