Dr. Shroud Papercraft (Vampire Killer)

Dr. Shroud Papercraft (Vampire Killer)


Dr. Shroud Papercraft Dr. Shroud papercraft created by Morgan Gleave for EarWormMedia's Dr. Shroud: The Animated Series.

Meet Dr. Victor Graves, prominent plastic surgeon, loving father, devoted husband---a man with the world at his fingertips....

But that world comes crashing down when Victor's secret past as a reformed vampire creeps up on him and his only daughter, Wendy, is abducted by the city of Necropolis' most dangerous bloodsuckers. With nowhere to turn, Victor sheds his human disguise and embraces his natural vampire-like abilities. Stalking the night in a modified hearse, he is caught in an endless pursuit to find his missing daughter, Wendy, and sworn to destroy all evil creatures of the night in the process as...Dr. Shroud, Vampire Killer!!

Dr. Shroud Papercraft [Download]

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