DotA 2 - Pugna Papercraft Free Download

DotA 2 - Pugna Papercraft Free Download


DotA 2 - Pugna Papercraft Free DownloadThis papercraft is Pugna, a ranged Intelligence Hero who possesses powerful abilities which give him great versatility and offensive capabilities, based on the 2 multiplayer online battle video game, the paper model was created by Kang Papercraft.

Pugna has a high base Movement Speed and also has the highest Intelligence gain per level in the game. Nether Blast is a powerful AOE nuke which also deals damage to buildings, giving Pugna good pushing capabilities and teamfighting presence. Decrepify can disable enemy carries or save allies from physical attacks, while amplifying magical damage done to the target. Nether Ward is an excellent teamfight ability which deals damage to enemies based on the manacost of abilities, making Pugna a counter to casters. Pugna's ultimate ability, Life Drain, is a channeling ability which saps enemy health and grants it to himself, somewhat making up for his low durability. [Source: GamePedia]

You can download this papercraft template here: DotA 2 - Pugna Papercraft Free Download