DotA 2 - Life Size Chaos Knight Helmet for Cosplay Free Papercraft...

DotA 2 - Life Size Chaos Knight Helmet for Cosplay Free Papercraft Download


DotA 2 - Life Size Chaos Knight Helmet for Cosplay Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a life size Chaos Knight's Helmet, based on the 2 multiplayer online battle arena video game, the paper model was created by Ilya Gladkov. You can use this paper model for cosplay.

Chaos Knight is a melee strength Hero with one of the highest physical damage outputs of all heroes. He is mostly played as a semi-carry and ganker. As his name implies, he has a theme based on randomness and uncertainty. His regular attack has an incredibly high thirty damage spread, making his last hitting ability somewhat unreliable.

Chaos Bolt is his most notorious luck-based ability which, at max level, can stun a target anywhere between a mediocre 2 seconds to an effective 4 seconds that will almost certainly assure its death; it will also deal a variable amount of damage ranging from miniscule to moderate. Reality Rift pulls Chaos Knight and his target to a randomly chosen point along the line between the two and gives him bonus damage for one attack.

Life Size Chaos Knight Helmet PapercraftChaos Strike is a crit-based ability with one of the lowest proc chances, yet also one of the highest multipliers. The illusions produced by his ultimate, which retain his full damage and only take double damage, benefit from his Chaos Strike and can teleport alongside him to attack the target whenever he uses Reality Rift. With up to four illusions being produced at Phantasm's highest level, Chaos Knight's damage output can be multiplied to be five times as great during teamfights later in the game, and it is not uncommon to see enemy heroes being killed instantly after being Reality Rifted by the apocalyptic horsemen. Thus, CK is played as a carry who excels in both the mid and late game, if the game drags on long enough and he is able to acquire enough strength-based and survivability items to ensure that his illusions can stay alive, he will be able to overpower most hard carries. [Source: GamePedia]

You can download this papercraft template here: DotA 2 - Life Size Chaos Knight Helmet for Cosplay Free Papercraft Download [DropBox]


  1. I downloaded the file with MEGA (which i am new to the program as of now)
    how do i open it/ view it/ print it/ make it work. ?
    I am new to all of this.

  2. I have downloaded MEGA so i can download this file but i am new to both MEGA and this site/papercraft.
    How do i open the file/ view it/ print it/ make it work ?

    • Hello guy, you will get a zip file, called "DotA 2 - Life Size Chaos Knight Helmet.rar", unzip it with winrar or other unzip software, you will have a pdo file, then open this pdo file with pepakura viewer, you can print now.