Doom 3 - Cyberdemon Free Papercraft Download

Doom 3 - Cyberdemon Free Papercraft Download


Doom 3 - Cyberdemon Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper model is Cyberdemon, the final boss and most powerful monster of the sci-fi survival horror first-person shooter video game Doom 3 (stylized as D00M3), the papercraft is created by [unknown]. The size of finished model is about 491 (H) x 407 (W) x 387 (D) mm.

Cyberdemon is found at the Primary Excavation Site, where it stands guard over the massive Hell Hole. It stands roughly 20 feet tall, more than 3 times as tall as a human soldier. Like its original counterpart, the Cyberdemon attacks by firing a salvo of 3 consecutive rockets from its arm-mounted rocket launcher. Unlike the original version, it now has a melee attack as well: the monster can stomp on the player, killing them instantly.

Unlike its original counterpart, it cannot be hurt with conventional firepower; instead, the player has to utilize the most powerful weapon in Doom 3, the Soul Cube, to kill it. The Soul Cube states that only it can kill "Hell's mightiest warrior" presumably referring to the Cyberdemon. It takes 4 shots from the Soul Cube to kill the Cyberdemon. Fortunately, there are plenty of lesser demons on the level that can be killed to charge the Soul Cube.

While the Cyberdemon overall retains its appearance as a minotaur-like giant, there are some differences of this new incarnation of the monster compared to its classic counterpart. This incarnation has a long tail, extending from the machinery on its back, and both legs are mechanical - as opposed to its original version, whose only mechanical leg was the right one. Another noticeable difference is that its rocket launcher is now located on the right arm instead of the left one.

The Cyberdemon did not make an appearance in the expansion pack Resurrection of Evil, so the one that was killed at the end of Doom 3 was presumably the only one. The Cyberdemon is also the only monster from the original games to be a boss. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft model here: Doom 3 - Cyberdemon Free Papercraft Download