Doctor Who - Pandorica Free Papercraft Download

Doctor Who - Pandorica Free Papercraft Download


Doctor Who - Pandorica Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a Pandorica, a prison hidden under Stonehenge, based on the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, the paper model created by Hellsword. Pandorica was built to hold the Doctor and ensure the safety of the Alliance. There is another Pandorica paper model at the site: Doctor Who – Pandorica Papercraft.

According to legend, the Pandorica was the prison of a warrior or goblin who dropped out of the sky and tore the world apart until a good wizard tricked it and locked it up.

The Pandorica was actually a prison built by the Alliance for the Doctor to stop him from destroying every universe. They believed the Doctor would be responsible for the destruction of existence itself.

They used the lure of the Pandorica to trap him. There were many layers of security in the Pandorica including deadlocks, time stops and matter lines. It even had a restoration field to stop the Doctor from dying, which the Alliance believed a form of escape.

It was used to save Amy Pond. She was locked inside it for 1894 years until revived by her younger self. Her DNA provided the Pandorica the material it needed to fully revive the nearly dead adult Amy. During this time, it was moved several times.

In 118, the Pandorica was taken back to Rome under armed guard. In 420, it was plundered by the Franks. By 1120, it was the prized possession of the Knights Templar.

In 1231, it was donated to the Vatican under Pope Gregory IX. Sometime after, it was sold by Marco Polo.

It was once put into storage in a London warehouse which was destroyed by the Blitz in 1941. It was reportedly seen being dragged to safety from the burning warehouse by the Last Centurion, and found a short distance away, unscathed.

The Pandorica was also used by the Doctor to restore the universe. Since all of the traps inside it provided the perfect barrier against the destruction of the universe, it retained several billion atoms of the original universe within, even after the destruction of the rest of creation. Operating on the same principle as cloning a body from a single cell, these atoms provided a "blueprint" for the universe when the Doctor piloted it into the exploding TARDIS which had cracked all of time and space. The atoms from the Pandorica combined with the energy of the TARDIS' explosion to restore every point in time and the universe. Doing so caused the cracks in time to close and allowed Amy to remember her family and the Doctor - all erased by the cracks - back into existence.

You can download this papercraft model here: Doctor Who - Pandorica Free Papercraft Download