Doc McStuffing - Dottie McStuffins Mini Papercraft Free Download

Doc McStuffing - Dottie McStuffins Mini Papercraft Free Download


Doc McStuffing Mini Papercraft Free DownloadThis mini papercraft is Dottie "Doc" McStuffins, the main protagonist of the animated children's television series Doc McStuffing, the paper toy is created by Gus Santome.

Dottie McStuffins is the eldest child and daughter of Dr. McStuffins She is the older sister of Donny McStuffins and daughter of Mrs McStuffins

Doc is currently a six year old girl who has began to dream of becoming a doctor one day when she grows up. When her mother brought home a toy doctors kit, Doc finds out that with a little bit of magic and a smart mind, she's capable enough to fix any toy She is now having a baby.

Dottie is a young girl but she proves to be very smart for her age! Her ideas are never goofy or even surprising, but when she plays games with others she may act a bit silly now and then. Normally she is the sensible type of character who may point out what others are doing wrong if it's for the sake of helping them or keeping them safe from harm.

She is a sweet, fun loving little girl who is normally playing with her toys, or with her friend Emmie, and Emmie's little sister, Alma. Sometimes even her own little brother!

Dottiw loves toys of all types and sizes and is not limited to gender specific toys like dolls and girly toys. She likes all of them and does her best to make them feel better, no matter what. But despite this, she has admitted to accidentally making a few mistakes now and then with them, such as accidentally forgetting to check the bed sheets for any toys before she helped her mom do the laundry. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft toy here: Doc McStuffing - Dottie McStuffins Mini Papercraft Free Download