District 9 - Astro Racer D9 Free Papercraft Download

District 9 - Astro Racer D9 Free Papercraft Download


District 9 - Astro Racer D9 Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper model is the Astro Racer D9, based on the science fiction film "District 9", the papercraft is designed by Jan Rükr. Astro Racer D9 - The ninth position is called Racer D9. It's a plane made with the help of artificial intelligence, which alone remains after the impact of extraterrestrial debris on the ground before the ship 77 years ago.

D9 Racer derivative is controlled by the so-called intelligence racing matrix. It is interesting that the aircraft not the EEV system, because no one left on board the rescue. In the case of the destruction of the machine is "aware" passengers transferred to the deposit together with the background of the individual teams, or lost. The aircraft has the advantage that it can not bear life support for a pilot and that its design is greatly simplified. Number 9 in this race does not happen Era. There are still above 8 pilots and machines, what can beat it. Despite their calculations and risk calculation is not according to her, the perfect "human instinct", which would have helped to win races but finds itself "quite funny". Foreign her feelings are not as recognition and satisfaction.

About the paper model:
Title: Astro Racer 09 - D9 Racer
Format: PDF
Size: 2.12 MB

The model includes: 15-labeled parts
Difficulty: 3/5

Recommended follow the instructions and drawings
Print: Recommended print on Thursday glazed weight 120 ~ 160g/m2
Podlepovat quarters weight 200g/m2

You can download the racer paper model here: District 9 - Astro Racer D9 Free Papercraft Download