Disney: The Lion King - Nala Free Papercraft Download

Disney: The Lion King - Nala Free Papercraft Download


Disney: The Lion King - Nala Free Papercraft DownloadThis is Nala, Simba's childhood friend and mate and the mother of Kiara and Kion, the deuteragonist of The Lion King, the secondary tritagonist of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, a minor character in The Lion King 1½, and a supporting character in The Lion Guard, the paper model is created by Luis Paraqueimo. The size of finished modelis about 230 (H) x 96 (W) x 517 (D) mm.

As a cub, Nala is small and lithe with soft features. Her fur is colored a light tawny, while her muzzle, paws, and underbelly are all paler in contrast. Unlike most cubs her age, her paws are colorless, and her eye rims are lighter than her main pelt. Her eyebrows are also much thinner than those of her fellow cub, Simba, and her inner ears and the tip of her tail are brown in color. Her eyes appear to be pale green, though they change to teal in certain light.

Come young adulthood, Nala looks almost identical to her mother Sarafina. Her body has filled out to become sleeker and stronger, fitting the physique of a practiced hunter. She also proves herself to be exceptionally strong, able to hold her own against the much larger Simba, even managing to pin him on his back. Her coloring remains much the same, not changing until she appears as an older adult in the sequel.

As a full-grown lioness, Nala's colors have paled slightly, and her eyes have become bright blue. She has also grown somewhat larger and more filled out. To her daughter, she passed down her paler undertones, though Kiara mostly resembles her father in appearance. Nala also passed pale colors down to her son Kion, making his gold fur slightly lighter than Simba's. [Source: wikia]

You can download this paper model template here: Disney: The Lion King - Nala Free Papercraft Download [DropBox] [Yadi.sk] [Box] [Gavitex] [Ge.tt]