Disney: Tangled - Maximus Free Papercraft Download

Disney: Tangled - Maximus Free Papercraft Download


Disney: Tangled - Maximus Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Maximus (aka Max), a horse on a mission to capture the thief Flynn Rider in 's film , the paper toy was created by spoonful. He is voiced by Frank Welker and is one of the tritagonists in the film, the other being Pascal.

Maximus is described as a dedicated character who will stop at nothing to take down the criminal he is after. Maximus is brave, daring, bold and not at all cowardly even being more feared than his captain. Maximus is a horse but has a personality more similar to a dog. The character was to be a twist on common Disney horse sidekicks such as Samson from Sleeping Beauty. He is very intelligent, and can apparently understand human speech, as his facial expressions so obviously confirm. Although Maximus can be extremely tough, he has a large heart, can't say no to a young girl likeĀ Rapunzel who calls him a big sweetheart, and even becomes best friends with his former arch enemy Flynn Rider as they join together to reunite Rapunzel with her family.

It would be a fatal mistake to understimate this horse. He is a dedicated crime-buster and though one would never think it, Maximus is skilled with a sword, wielding the weapon in his mouth.

Maximus is a large white horse with a blonde mane and tail. He wears a distinct saddle with the sun symbol of the Kingdom. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft template here: Disney: Tangled - Maximus Free Papercraft Download