Disney papercraft Snow White - Evil Queen free download

Disney papercraft Snow White - Evil Queen free download


Disney papercraft Evil Queen

The Queen possessed dark powers and knowledge, including the ability to summon wind and lightning, and a magical mirror with which she could look upon whatever she wished. The Magic Mirror showed a haunted, smoky face which replied to the Queen's requests. She regularly asked the Mirror who was the fairest in the land ("Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?"), and the Mirror always replied that she was.

However, one day, the Mirror told her that there was a new fairest woman in the land, her stepdaughter, Snow White. After observing the handsome Prince singing a love song to Snow White, the Queen, in a jealous rage, ordered her huntsman Humbert to take the Princess deep into the forest and kill her. He was ordered to bring back her heart to prove that he had done so.

Humbert could not bear to kill the young princess, so he tells her to run away and never to return. In order to escape the penalty, he returned with a pig's heart and gave it to the Queen. When she questioned her Mirror, it again replied that Snow White was the fairest in the land, and that she was living at the cottage of the seven dwarfs. It is unknown whether the Queen sends Humbert to his death or he escapes.

Chagrined and furious, the Queen goes down into the dungeon laboratory and mixes a potion that turns her into a hag, an old peddler woman. Her beauty is shrouded in ugliness; a true image of twisted evil. It is quite ironic that she, so obsessed with her own beauty, is willing to forsake it to destroy competition to it. It wrinkles her skin into that of an old lady and lengthens her nails into claws. This appearance of the Queen is commonly referred to as The Witch. She then conjures a poison apple which holds death-like sleep inside it, and proceeds to leave the castle. She is sure that no one would know or perform the counter-curse to her spell, and believes the dwarfs would bury Snow White alive, believing she was dead.

The Queen comes to the cottage, followed by two vicious vultures, and finds Snow White baking a pie. Snow White's animal friends realize that the old hag is the Queen. After an unsuccessful attempt to warn Snow White by attacking the Queen, they go to warn the dwarfs of the Queen's arrival.

The Queen tricks Snow White into letting her inside the cottage and eating the poisoned apple, telling her that it is a magic wishing apple. Snow White takes a bite and falls to the floor, apparently dead. The Queen rejoices in her victory, but is soon discovered by the Seven Dwarves, who chase her deep into the forest as a great storm started. She climbs up into the mountains, where she stands upon a precipice and attempts to push a large boulder onto the dwarfs with a large stick. All of a sudden, a flash of lightning strikes between her and the boulder, destroying the precipice. The Queen plummets into the dark chasm, and the boulder falls back, smashing her. As the dwarfs looked wide-eyed over the cliff's edge, the vultures fly past, apparently to devour her corpse.

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