Disney: Mulan - Khan Free Papercraft Download

Disney: Mulan - Khan Free Papercraft Download


Disney: Mulan - Khan Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is KhanMulan's horse and one of the protagonists in 's feature film and its sequel, the paper toy was created by spoonful. Khan helps Mulan when she goes off to war disguised as "Ping." Khan is the third horse to be owned by a Disney Princess; Major being the first and Philippe being the second.

Khan is Mulan's horse though it is uncertain how long Mulan has owned him. He is very loyal and caring to Mulan and is always there to rescue her when she is in need.

Like other horse characters in Disney Princess films, Khan has a very distinct personality even though he cannot speak. He is very courageous and doesn't have a lot of fear. Evidence of which is provided when the Army is attacked in the mountains and Khan doesn't run off and is able to save Mulan and Li Shang from the avalanche.

Khan is also feisty and quite haughty. This is first shown when he tramples on Mushu during their first meeting. Khan has shown to possess a human level of intelligence, such as falling down and laughing when Mulan tries to pretend to be male, showing concern when Mulan is left in the mountains alone and puts a blanket around her, and becoming easily offended when Mushu refers to him as a "cow", "bessy" and later a "sheep." [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft template here: Disney: Mulan - Khan Free Papercraft Download