Disney Junior - Captain Gizmo Free Papercraft Download

Disney Junior - Captain Gizmo Free Papercraft Download


Disney Junior - Captain Gizmo Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Captain Gizmo, a recurring character from Disney Junior's television series Jake and the Never Land Pirates, the paper toy is designed by Disney Junior. It is unknown how long Captain Gizmo was confined in the crate before washing onto Pirate Island beach, where he was made or who designed Gizmo's blueprints. What is known Captain Gizmo is always willing to help other and out fitted with all forms of gadgets to assist others.

Captain Gizmo first appeared in the episode of the same name confined with in a crate that washed onto Pirate Island, where he is found by Cubby, Jake and Izzy who, by quickly following Gizmo's blueprint, construct the mechanical pirate. Jake and his crew quickly took a shine to their new matey and marvel at all the feats he could do while they played a game of catch. Unaware that they weren't the only one taken by Gizmo, Captain Hook decides to take the mechanical pirate for himself while he was out of the young pirate crew's sight.

Captain Hook orders Gizmo to bring him the treasure of Belch Mountain that lies deep with in the volcano, which proved too dangerous for Hook's bumbling crew. Gizmo does as he is told, making his way through the bowls of Belch Mountain, reaching the treasure and making his way back across a lake of lava when his power begins winding down when Jake and his crew catch up to Hook. Using her pixie dust, Izzy rescue Captain Gizmo from the lava but, before the pirates could go, Belch Mountain threatened to erupt, sealing them with in the volcano. Cubby quickly winds Captain Gizmo to rescue both Hook and the rest of the crew. Captain Gizmo is last seen back on Pirate Island with Jake and his as they put the doubloons they gather in their adventure into the Team Treasure Chest. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft template here: Disney Junior - Captain Gizmo Free Papercraft Download