Disney: Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Roger Rabbit Cube Craft Free Paper...

Disney: Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Roger Rabbit Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Disney: Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Roger Rabbit Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis Disney papercraft is the cute Roger Rabbit cube craft, based on the comedy mystery noir film Who Framed Roger Rabbit [Buy the DVD], the paper toy is created by 7ater. Roger Rabbit is the deuteragonist in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the main character in the short films and comics spun off from it. He is the titular anthropomorphic rabbit of the film, a frantic over-anxious type who often stutters. He was voiced by Charles Fleischer.

Roger is hyperactive, friendly, talkative, funny, a bit childlike, and not very bright at times. Roger loves to make others laugh and is good friends with the other Toons, especially Baby Herman, his Marron Cartoons co-star and Benny the Cab. Roger is also cowardly and greatly fears Judge Doom, the Dip and the Toon Patrol.

Despite his traditionally cartoonish behavior, Roger is aware of what people think of cartoons, facts he's voiced to Eddie, in that making people laugh is often what makes toons' lives worthwhile, but also notes that there are times when making people laugh is the only weapon toons have. He's believes that if someone doesn't have a good sense of humor they're better off dead.

In the film, the voice of Roger is performed by Charles Fleischer, who was known for electing to wear an actual rabbit costume on the set to get into the role. One of his famous traits is his voice, "P-b-b-b-b-bleeeease!". He is a white clownish rabbit with a gap between his front teeth, a voice that resonates of Huntz Hall in "The Bowery Boys", a blue Porky Pig-like bowtie with yellow polka dots, a Droopy-like hair, a Bugs Bunny-like head with blue eyes, a pink nose and round-tipped ears, red Oswald-like pants with a green patch behind and Mickey Mouse-like gloves. He loves his wife Jessica and always makes her laugh.

Roger doesn't take well to alcoholic beverages; it's shown twice in the film that when he has consumed one, he changes color rapidly, at least one of his eyes swells, his head spins and he mumbles incoherently at a fast pace, before stretching up into the air and whistling like a steam train at a loud enough tone to shatter glass, all the while spinning around. Afterwards, his mood swings violently.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit combines live action and animation, and is based on Gary K. Wolf's novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, which depicts a world in which cartoon characters interact directly with human beings. Who Framed Roger Rabbit stars Bob Hoskins as a private detective who investigates a murder involving the famous cartoon character, Roger Rabbit. Charles Fleischer co-stars as the titular character's voice, Christopher Lloyd as the villain, Kathleen Turner as the voice of Roger's cartoon wife, and Joanna Cassidy as the detective's girlfriend.

Walt Disney Productions purchased the film rights to the story in 1981. Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman wrote two drafts of the script before Disney brought in executive producer Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment to help finance the film. Zemeckis was hired to direct the live-action scenes with Richard Williams overseeing animation sequences. Production was moved from Los Angeles to Elstree Studios in England to accommodate Williams and his group of animators. While filming, the production budget began to rapidly expand and the shooting schedule ran longer than expected.

However, the film was released to financial success and critical acclaim. Who Framed Roger Rabbit brought a re-emerging interest in the Golden Age of American animation and became the forefront for the modern era, especially the Disney Renaissance.

You can download this cube paper toy template here: Disney: Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Roger Rabbit Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download