Dishonored - Corvo's Mask Papercraft Free Download

Dishonored - Corvo's Mask Papercraft Free Download


Dishonored - Corvo's Mask Papercraft Free DownloadThis papercraft is Corvo's Mask, a device used to conceal his identity, and constructed of a sturdy material that allows it to serve as conventional armor, from the video game , the paper model was created by PepMaster. The finished model is about 20 cm high, and there are 94 parts for this.

The Corvo's Mask was created by the inventor Piero Joplin, who gives it to Corvo upon their first meeting. The mask possesses a telescopic function, allowing Corvo to view far-off objects and target enemies at long range. When zoomed in, the lens also amplifies sound. Piero can upgrade it later with a second spyglass zoom after Corvo delivers the appropriate blueprints. When acquired, this feature allows Corvo to view objects and people more closely than he can with the mask's single telescopic function.

The mask immediately becomes the terror of Dunwall, with many a guest at "Lady Boyle's Last Party" commenting on how frightening the mask looks, along with how it reminds them of the masked man that has been terrorizing the aristocracy of the city.

You can download the papercraft model template here: Dishonored - Corvo's Mask Papercraft Free Download


  1. I am having a very hard time getting a download of Corvo's mask. I click on the dl link and it brings be to which is just a blank page for me. I simplify the address to go to tamasoft home page and thay do not have the file in their pep gallery. Can anyone give me a pointer on where to head to next?