Digimon - Piximon Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Digimon - Piximon Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis Digimon papercraft is the Piximon cube craft, designed by blackignus. Piximon is a Pixie Digimon whose name and design are derived from a misspelling of "piccolo" and the mythological pixie. It is fluent in magic, and can recite the advanced programming language of another dimension, allowing it to generate miracles with the appearance of magic. This miraculous Digimon is able to pop up in every place, time, and space, and although its body is small, it can seal away the enemy's abilities with its own special ability, and then pulverize the opponent with a mighty blow. With its mischief-loving personality, it enjoys making computers run wild with its cherished spear, "Fairy Tale", that it always holds in its hands. Despite its appearance, it uses terrifying attacks.

Digimon, short for "Digital Monsters", is a Japanese media franchise encompassing digital toys, anime, manga and video games. The franchise's eponymous creatures are monsters of various forms living in a "Digital World", a parallel universe that originated from Earth's various communication networks.

You can download this cube paper toy from here: Digimon - Piximon Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download