Digimon - Lucemon Free Papercraft Download

Digimon - Lucemon Free Papercraft Download


Digimon - Lucemon Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Lucemon, an Angel Digimon from the anime, manga and video game series , the paper model is created by Darkcrash. The size of finished model is about 369 (H) x 344 (W) x 196 (D) mm.

Lucemon has the appearance of a child, and is said to have descended to the ancient Digital World long ago. It manifested in an era in which the Digital World was still chaotic, and it is said that it brought about order and harmony. However, because of a later "Rebellion" against Lucemon, it summoned a long period of darkness. Although it has the appearance of a child, the power and intelligence it possesses surpass even that of an Ultimate Digimon. It is said that Lucemon's abilities have now been inherited and split among the Celestial Digimon. [Source: wikia]

You can download this pokemon paper model template here: Digimon - Lucemon Free Papercraft Download [DropBox] [Yadi.sk] [Box] [Gavitex] [Ge.tt]