Digimon - Imperialdramon Paladin Mode Cube Craft Free Download

Digimon - Imperialdramon Paladin Mode Cube Craft Free Download


Digimon - Imperialdramon Paladin Mode Cube Craft Free DownloadThis cube craft paper model is the Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, based on the anime, manga and video games series “Digimon“. The papercraft is designed by blackignus.

Digimon - Imperialdramon Paladin Mode Cube CraftImperialdramon Paladin Mode is an Ancient Dragon Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Imperial Dramon". It is a form of Imperialdramon Fighter Mode that acquired the power of the holy knight Omnimon, powering up and changing form into a legendary holy knight. As the final, strongest form of Imperialdramon Dragon Mode that was told of since ancient times, it descended in a time of great disruption in the ancient Digital World, and rescued the world from complete collapse. However, all of the details of that era are a mystery, and if research into Digimon and the Digital World progresses, it is likely that they will eventually be clarified. It wields the ultimate "Omni Sword". It is the founder of the Royal Knights. It bears a combined symbol of the Crests of Courage and Friendship on the hilt of the Omni Sword.

Digimon Rumble Arena: Imperialdramon Paladin Mode can be unlocked after completing the stories of Wormmon and Veemon. It can also be obtained by using the password "ROYBOY".

Digimon World 3: Imperialdramon Paladin Mode can be obtained by raising any partner Digimon's Imperialdramon Fighter Mode and Omnimon forms to lvl. 40. Excluding the five rare Digimon cards, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode is the most powerful card in the game, being a White Mega Card with 62/70.

Digimon World 4: He is also an unlockable character like his other form in the game. For all digimon, to unlock it with anyone you must do the "Final sidequest (Cursed Dungeon)" alive on Very Hard difficulty.

Digimon World DS: Imperialdramon Paladin Mode is obtainable by hatching a Digi-Egg matched by Imperialdramon Fighter Mode and Omnimon. Imperialdramon Paladin Mode also apperars when a Digivolve Disk is used on a Holy Digimon.

Digimon World Dawn/Dusk: Imperialdramon Paladin Mode is obtainable through the DNA Digivolution of Omnimon and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. He is, also, one of the Digimon you fight to become a Platinum Rank Tamer. He battles alongside Kuramon and Minomon.

Digimon Battle: Imperialdramon PM is a special digivolution of Veemon.

You can download this cube paper craft toy from here: Digimon - Imperialdramon Paladin Mode Cube Craft Free Download