Digimon Adventure Digivice Free Papercraft Download


Digimon Adventure Digivice Free Papercraft DownloadThis digivice papercraft is designed by Mixowelle. The Digimon Adventure Digivice is used by the DigiDestined of Digimon Adventure, the original Digivices were created by Gennai's group of Digital World guardians. They serve to channel the emotional energy of the DigiDestined, allowing their Digimon partners to Digivolve as far as the Champion level; when used in unison with the energies of a Crest, the Digivices permit further Digivolution to the Ultimate level, and in the case of Tai and Matt, Warp Digivolution to the Mega level.

When Digivolving past Champion level, the Digivices change color to match the coloration of their DigiDestined's Crest. Like many artifacts in the Digital World, the Digivices bear the DigiCode for "Digital Monster", specifically on the border of their screens. The Digivices also have a meter that shows how close the Digimon is to digivolving; the height of the meter is related to the severity of the situation.

You can download this paper craft from here: Digimon Adventure Digivice Free Papercraft Download