Diablo III - Barbarian Free Paper Model Download

Diablo III - Barbarian Free Paper Model Download


Diablo III - Barbarian Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is the Barbarian, based on the game Diablo III, the papercraft was created by Edgardo Lopez. The Barbarian was the first of five classes to be confirmed in Diablo III. They play similar to the previous Diablo II Barbarian, with a few skills from that game carried over to Diablo III.

While it was originally stated that the male barbarian would be the same barbarian as was featured in Diablo II, this direction has been abandoned. The barbarian is depicted as an aging old man with a white beard and graying locks, though possessing a trademark muscular structure typical of the barbarian. In addition to the male barbarian, the players will be able to choose a female version of the character. She is depicted as a muscular woman with striking orange hair. Whether she has a similar backstory as the male barbarian is not known.

Each item equipped should reflect on the character's appearance. But it may be noted that the Gothic Helm when equipped on him, looks like a Bone Helm from Diablo II.

About this Diablo Paper Model:
Format: PNG
Pages: 2
Instruction: 1 sheet
Height: 30 cm

You can download this paper craft model here: Diablo III - Barbarian Free Paper Model Download