The Devil on Wheels Papercraft Design for Spielberg Duel Documentary

The Devil on Wheels Papercraft Design for Spielberg Duel Documentary


The Devil on Wheels Papercraft Design for Spielberg Duel DocumentaryToday Duel fans receive an exclusive new reward to choose from in the Kickstarter campaign to fund the Spielberg Duel documentary. Renowned papercraft artist Ronaldo M. has created the paper models of both the Duel truck and car especially for THE DEVIL ON WHEELS supporters on Kickstarter.The Devil on Wheels Truck paper model


Created on a 1:32 scale, Ronaldo's work shows amazing attention to detail and design. The Brazilian artist has expressed in his interview for the DOW campaign his long-time admiration for Spielberg's cult film. The truck model alone took 4 months to design and “with only 200 parts it is easy to build”. The complete interview can be watched on Kickstarter.

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The feature documentary film project about the cult that surrounds Steven Spielberg's first success, Duel, has started the second half of its crowd funding run on Kickstarter. THE DEVIL ON WHEELS campaign, approved by Universal Studios, has so far released "Derek", the amazing story of the English fan proud owner of a Duel truck, its teaser trailer, shot in four countries, and its first "Skype Interview" update, about the Duel fan who decided to track down every single location of the film.

The crowd funding campaign to fund THE DEVIL ON WHEELS will run for 30 days until April 3rd on an all-or-nothing basis. The project's goal is to achieve a minimum of $92.000 (£60.000) that will allow the film to be shot this summer in the US. The project has been awarded as a Staff Pick by Kickstarter. In exchange of financial support the production company offers backers a wide variety of rewards: copies of the film, books, new posters, film credits and even an appearance in the actual film.


In Duel, a Movie-Of-The-Week shot in 1971, a terrifying truck, whose driver we never see, for no apparent reason chases a lone driver along the desert roads of Southern California. Such was its success, that the TV film was extended and distributed as a film worldwide.

How come this tiny film, made cheaply and quickly for TV, has generated such a passionate, international and undying cult is the question the documentary wants to answer. THE DEVIL ON WHEELS will find out what makes Duel so unique and in doing so, will explore the power and fascination of films on people.


Duel fans from all over the world regularly visit the film locations in the desert next to Los Angeles. They go to see the surviving truck in North Carolina. Would-be filmmakers analyse the way it was made. Steven Spielberg’s first known work has become a top cinematic reference. Director Alfonso Cuaron revealed he used Duel as a source when he made “Gravity”.

The title of the documentary, THE DEVIL ON WHEELS, is the straight translation of the Spanish title of Duel, and it's been chosen as an homage to the international recognition of the film.


THE DEVIL ON WHEELS crew who come from Italy, China, Spain and England, are scheduled to tour the United States exploring the Duel phenomenon: they will interview the surviving members of the Duel crew, reconstruct the way the film was made, and meet with fans and experts to discuss the ongoing appreciation of the film.

The filmmakers have created a website,, which for the first time gathers in one place all Duel related information to be found on the internet. The Facebook page serves as a meeting point for the fans.

Director Enric Folch, a multi-award winning TV director in Spain, returns to documentary making after the excellent international reception of Chining Me, an ironical view on pre-Olympic China. His most successful TV film, Tempus Fugit, will soon have a theatrical remake through an international coproduction.

For all information about the crowd funding campaign, please visit THE DEVIL ON WHEELS' Kickstarter Page