Devil May Cry Papercraft

Devil May Cry Papercraft


Sonicscape Jun has just left a message informing us of his latest creations on his new site, let's check it out. Sonicscape calls it the Trooper 3.2 series 1 and currently includes two paper models. This time it's a Devil May Cry papercraft featuring a Nero paper model, just in time for the official release of the game Devil May cry 4 (Jan 31) in Japan and a few days later here in the US (Feb 5). This papercraft even comes with its own Red Queen (sword).

The other interesting paper model on the site is the Black Spidey papercraft. From the feature film Spider-Man 3, Black Spidey came out when that sentient alien, Venom symbiote, attached itself to Spider-Man and bonded with him turning him into a super-villain. When Spider-Man rejected the symbiote it merged with another symbiote (Eddie Brock) turning him into Venom.

Devil May Cry Papercraft
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