Devil May Cry 4 - Full Size Rebellion Free Papercraft Download


Devil May Cry 4 - Full Size Rebellion Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a full size Rebellion, Dante's trademark sword appearing in the action-adventure hack and slash video game Devil May Cry 4, the paper model created by Carojama. The finished model is about 1.7 m long.

Rebellion is a massive broadsword with a heavy double-edged blade, notched on both sides near the tip. In its dormant form, the pommel is a single spike, but after awakening it splits open into several. The grip is plain, but the guard is skeletal, with a skull-design on each side leading to the rib cage from which the blade emerges; on one side of the blade, the skull is that of a human, while the other uses a horned demon's skull. Initially, the crosstree is folded in against the ribs, but it extends and the skull transform to a Screaming Skull once the sword is awakened by Dante's blood.

Though it has the form of a standard claymore, it is a magical blade given to him as a keepsake from his father, the Dark Knight Sparda. It serves as both a physical manifestation of his power, and through its name, meaning "resistance", a symbol of his spirit. The blade's power originally laid dormant, but through contact with Dante's blood, it was awakened. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft model here: Devil May Cry 4 - Full Size Rebellion Free Papercraft Download


    • It is a full scale version. You don't need password, just open it with PepaKura Viewer. Or, do you want to rescale it? Sorry, you have to ask Carojama for help.