Design Your Own Easter Egg Paper Craft

Design Your Own Easter Egg Paper Craft


Easter Eggs are quite popular with children due to their colorful and unique designs. Using paint, ribbons, glitter, felt tip pens, dye kits, etc. you can customized it's appearance base on your preference or liking. One particular design style caught my attention last night while I was searching for some easter egg paper craft, it's called the Pysanky or popularly known as Ukranian Easter Eggs. Unlike the traditional pastel colors here in the US, the Eukranian easter eggs have a distinct style, they are adorned with intricate symbolic designs and are brightly colored.

The designs on the Pysanky look complicated, how about we try an easier version with this paper craft courtesy of designer Steven Marshall. There's two paper models you can choose from and both of them comes with colored and blank patterns.

Easter Egg Paper Craft [Homespun Magixx]

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