Deponia - Rufus and Goal Free Paper Toys Download

Deponia - Rufus and Goal Free Paper Toys Download


Deponia - Rufus and Goal Free Paper Toys DownloadThese two paper toys are Rufus and Goal, based on the point-and-click adventure game Deponia, the papercrafts created by Daedalic Fans. Rufus IS a guy with wild dreams of escaping his village Kuvaq, located on a junk covered world called Deponia.


"There is a lot to say about Rufus, but not much of it positive. He is a selfish, ill-tempered egocentric who believes that he is destined for something better. He has no regard of others and when somebody gets hurt during one of his poorly conceived and constantly backfiring plans Rufus is totally unable to admit that it is his fault. Rufus is surrounded by chaos. He is a magnet for catastrophe. The nicest thing you could say about him is that he does not intend to harm anybody, but this is only because he does not care about anyone but himself. That is until he meets Goal…"


"Goal is the iconic girl from the upper spheres Rufus falls in love with. She is beautiful, amiable, good-hearted and clever. But Rufus wouldn’t know in the first place, because she is rendered unconscious after she falls onto the surface just before their first encounter. Her brain implant is damaged. Due to this he can project his idea of perfection onto her: a noble maiden from above in need of rescue."

You can download these papercraft toys here: Deponia - Rufus and Goal Free Paper Toys Download