Deadman Wonderland - Shiro Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Deadman Wonderland - Shiro Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Deadman Wonderland - Shiro Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis Pokemon cube craft is Shiro, a childhood friend of Ganta Igarashi and Hagire Rinichiro's artificial daughter, based on the manga series Deadman Wonderland, the paper model was created by alonso jacobo. Shiro has two personalities, herself and the Wretched Egg. Shiro became a test subject of Hagire Rinichirō and Sorae Igarashi.

Before the birth of the Wretched Egg, Ganta and Shiro played quite often, sharing a common admiration of Ace Man. They first met when Ganta saw her sitting by a tree and commented on her white hair. Shiro became embarrassed about her hair, but Ganta told her he liked it, making her feel better and they started playing, eventually becoming good friends.

She and Ganta normally got along well, but once, when Shiro was in grave pain because of the constant injections, they once bickered so violently that Shiro broke his Ace Man action figure and Ganta took his toys and ran away from her in tears. Soon after, he came face-to-face with a rabid, vile dog, one of the other test subjects that escaped from the lab. Ganta dropped to his knees in fear and called for Ace Man to save him. Suddenly, Shiro jumped down from a window and landed on the dog, knocking it out and saving his life. After this, Shiro vowed to become Ganta's "Ace Man" whenever he was in trouble.

Because of Hagire and Sorae's experiments, her body would often deteriorate, and needed to be sewn back together. Her arm fell off once while she and Ganta were playing hide-and-seek. She has also been seen with her leg being sewn back on. She was used in excrutatingly painful nanomachine experiments, causing her to create a separate personality known as the Wretched Egg to cope with the pain. As shown her body has been ripped apart several times possibly when her limbs were removed multiple times to create the Chorus Blocks for the Mother Goose System.

Some time after that, Hagire built Deadman Wonderland and built a room for Shiro, supplying her with all the candy she ever wants.

Shiro is a bubbly and a bit clumsy girl. She has lots of energy, although her mind cannot understand much. She didn't even understand the concept of a girlfriend and has a simplified outlook on love. Despite this, she knows she loves Ganta and only wants him to be happy, even if that means resorting to drastic measures. She is incredibly strong, and uses her immense strength to keep Ganta safe as much as possible after a childhood incident when Shiro became Ganta's "Aceman". One example of this is during the dog race show. She appeared to be oblivious of the dangers of the game and occasionally got in the way of Ganta's progression (or survival), it is only at the end when Ganta notices her cuts and scratches that he discovers that she was discreetly keeping him away from harm. It is later revealed that Ganta actually has strong feelings of love towards Shiro and that the feelings are mutual. As the series progresses Shiro comes to understand deeper concepts of love and friendship while still retaining her pure heart. This helps her see the right course of action and also galvanizes the more jaded characters into action. She also begins acting and talking more like an adult. Eventually, the Wretched Egg becomes the dominant persona with the Mother Goose system's lullaby no longer affecting her. It has been speculated by some including the wretched egg that Shiro has been locked into the same emotional age she was when she and Ganta were little and living at the institute, and that the wretched egg managed to gain a strong hold due to her finally "growing up".

Shiro is an albino. She has snow-white hair, pale skin and red eyes; even her eyebrows and eyelashes are white. Her hair is very long and reaches down to her knees. She dresses in a peach, skintight bodysuit, decorated with red circles and stripes. Her toes stick out of her bodysuit, just as her heels. She also wears big brown or white mittens and a wide neckwarmer. When the Wretched Egg takes over her body and Shiro becomes trapped in her own mind, she is seen wearing a white nightgown.

Deadman Wonderland is a manga series written by Jinsei Kataoka and illustrated by Kazuma Kondou, who also wrote and illustrated the Eureka Seven manga.

A massive earthquake ravaged Japan's mainland and destroyed most of Tokyo, sinking three-quarters of the city into the ocean. Ten years later, the story shifts to Ganta Igarashi, a seemingly ordinary student attending Nagano Prefecture's middle school. As an escapee, a survivor of the great earthquake, Ganta has no memories of the tragedy and has lived a normal life. This all changes when a strange person covered in blood and crimson armor floats through his classroom windows. Grinning madly, the Red Man massacres Ganta's entire class but instead of killing him, embeds a red crystal shard in Ganta's chest. Within days of the massacre, Ganta is declared the sole suspect. Following a quick unfair trial, Ganta is sentenced to death and is incarcerated in Deadman Wonderland, a massive theme park-like prison.

Arriving at the prison, Ganta is fitted with a special collar which monitors his location and life signs. Due to the heinous nature of Ganta's 'crime', he has to live out his imprisonment under Deadman Wonderland's 'Death Sentence'. A lethal poison is constantly injected into his bloodstream through the collar, but it can be neutralized by consuming a peculiar candy-like medicine every three days, which can be acquired through various activities in the prison, i.e. performing for audiences, working backstage, purchasing with cast points, etc. In order to gather Cast Points, an inmate has to perform in the facility's lethal games and survive. Fortunately for Ganta, he is aided by a mysterious girl named Shiro, who apparently knows Ganta, and is known by other prisoners as well.

While trying to survive as an inmate on death row, Ganta becomes increasingly obsessed with the 'Red Man' and tries to find him so he could clear his name. In a bizarre twist, Ganta begins to develop the ability to manipulate his own blood, to the point of turning it into a weapon. Unbeknownst to him, Ganta has become one of the prison's 'Deadmen', a segregated group of prisoners possessing the Branches of Sin which makes them capable of controlling their blood. After his ability is discovered, Ganta is forced to participate in brutal gladiatorial death matches known as Carnival Corpse, whose anonymous spectators pay large amounts of money to watch. In his struggle he manages to befriend some of those he fought off in the arena, and with their help, Ganta continues his quest to uncover the identity of the Red Man, why he turned into a Deadman and the dark secrets the prison authorities are hiding.

You can download this cube paper craft toy here: Deadman Wonderland - Shiro Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download