Dead Space - Marker Desktop Statue Free Papercraft Download

Dead Space - Marker Desktop Statue Free Papercraft Download


Dead Space - Marker Desktop Statue Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a Marker desktop statue from the video game "Dead Space". The paper model is designed by Destro2k. Markers includes Red Marker, Black Marker, Site 12 Marker and Marker 3A.

The Red Marker is a mysterious device central to the events in the Dead Spaceuniverse. The artifact is a reverse-engineered duplicate of the alien Black Marker, based on the same data hastily compiled by Michael Altman prior to his death. It was built to understand and utilize the technologies of the Black Marker without the same supposedly defective results of the original project. When activated, the artifact emits a highly-tuned frequency to its surroundings. The effects of exposure to this frequency varies; majority of humans are unable to decipher the signal, thus perceiving it as mere "noise," images and meanings without coherence, which ultimately causes the person to become paranoid and prone to constant hallucinations. It was hypothesised that this attributed to some undefined aspect of the individual's intelligence. Notable examples of this tactic can be seen in Dr. Kyne and Isaac Clarke during the events of Dead Space, as the Red Marker urged them both to return it to its proper place.

The Red Marker tends to create the illusion of a loved one; Dr. Kyne often conversed with his dead wife, Kendra Daniels repeatedly saw her dead brother, and Isaac Clarke saw his deceased girlfriend.

The Black Marker is an alien artifact, discovered on Earth by the Earth Government in 2214. It was then hidden to discourage alien belief, yet was brought to public knowledge by Michael Altman, who had been contracted to research the Marker nearly 200 years prior to the events of Dead Space. It is the source of the codes the Earth Government copied to create their own Markers, which have the same devastating effects as the original.

The object designated by EarthGov as the Site 12 Marker, also known as The Golden Marker, The Titan Marker, or Isaac's Marker, is the source of the Necromorph outbreak featured in Dead Space 2. It is physically encountered in Chapter 14, although the knowledge of its existence occurs much earlier in the game.

The Site 12 Marker is the largest Marker encountered so far in the series and, like the Red Marker, is also man-made. It is the only Marker known to have triggered a Convergence event, albeit unsuccessfully.

Marker 3A is a the first Red Marker created by EarthGov. It was placed on Aegis VII for experimentation purposes, later destroyed following the arrival of USG Ishimura.

The paper model comes on 5 pages, with 50 pieces and is 30cm tall. You can download this papercraft from here: Dead Space - Marker Desktop Statue Free Papercraft Download