De Inktpot Pop-Up Free Paper Craft Pattern Download

De Inktpot Pop-Up Free Paper Craft Pattern Download


De Inktpot Pop-Up Free Paper Craft Pattern DownloadThis paper craft is the De Inktpot , designed by Annelies Smit. The "De Inktpot" is the largest brick building in the Netherlands, designed by George William of Heukelom on behalf of the partnership interest Dutch Railways. The monument stands at the Moreelsepark in Utrecht in Utrecht Central Station and it is used as headquarters of ProRail.

The "De Inktpot" was built between 1918 and 1921, from 1919 under the leadership of Sybold construction of Ravesteyn. Originally called the building Hoofdadministratiegebouw III, but since the building is no longer with NS in use, is based on the shape nicknamed The "De Inktpot" official name. The building was given a place alongside two older main building of the railway. If land was the estate Nieuweroord with surrounding public park.

De Inktpot
The real "De Inktpot"

The "De Inktpot" is built with 22 million brickwork. Because of the scarcity after the First World War the building into their own hands by the NS. Two brick factories, a timber company and three vessels were acquired. Since there are 4000 cubic meters of oak wood was needed, was also bought a bunch Limburg. Due to the scarcity of building materials were used to old rails for the foundation of the building for 21 kilometers. Also located in The Inkwell a water tower made ​​in 1921 with a tank of 27 cubic meters which is also designed by Van Heukelom. The park is located outside the building including walls of sintered stone is also his design, designed for building furniture has been adjusted over the years. Jan Schouten kept the stained glass for the building.

In World War II Dutch Railways remained an independent company, but came under German supervision. The building was then partially occupied by the Railway representative at the Dutch Railways. That the German SS would have used, The "De Inktpot" and headquarters is a common misconception.

You can download the paper craft pattern here: De Inktpot Pop-Up Free Paper Craft Pattern Download