Date A Live - Chibi Yoshino Free Papercraft Download

Date A Live - Chibi Yoshino Free Papercraft Download


Date A Live - Chibi Yoshino Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a chibi , the second Spirit saved by Shido and the most kindest spirit so far in the Japanese light novel / anime / video game series , the paper model is created by BuBuPaper.

When Yoshino first appeared in the series, it was also when she first encountered Shido. To Shido, Yoshino appeared to be a lost child wandering around in the rain. The next time they met, Yoshino fell under attack from the AST and ran away. The third time they met was when Shido made the decision to save Yoshino from herself and from the AST for he discovered that Yoshino was an extremely kind child even towards the people who were hunting and attacking her.

After having most of her power sealed by Shido, Yoshino started living in one of <Ratatoskr>'s living quarters on Fraxinus temporarily before she moved down to the apartment complex next to Shido's home. Yoshino is currently practicing with the help from <Ratatoskr> how to speak for herself, or to be more precise, how to speak without the aid of Yoshinon. [Source: wikia]

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