Date A Live - Yoshino Rabbit Free Papercraft Download

Date A Live - Yoshino Rabbit Free Papercraft Download


Date A Live - Yoshino Rabbit Free Papercraft DownloadThis rabbit papercraft named Yoshino, from the Japanese light novel series Date A Live, Yoshino also appears in same named anime, manga and video game. The paper toy created by gankutsu-o-taku. Yoshino is described as a shy yet kind little child, far more passive than the other spirits. She possesses two personalities: Yoshino and [Yoshinon]. [Yoshinon] is Yoshino other personality that appears in the form of her puppet speaking through ventriloquism, and was created to help her bear the hardships of being hunted by the AST.

At her first appearance, Yoshino is a very shy girl unable to articulate full sentences and express herself well, as she lets Yoshinon do the talking for her with its outgoing personality. She improves after Shido seals her powers and begins learning to integrate into society.

When Yoshino first appeared on Earth, this was also around the time when she first encountered Shidou. To Shidou, Yoshino appeared to be a lost child wandering around in the rain. The next time they met, Yoshino was under attack from the AST. The third time they met was when Shidou made the decision to save Yoshino from herself and the AST, having discovered that Yoshino was an extremely kind child even toward the people who were hunting and attacking her.

After having most of her power sealed by Shidou, Yoshino starts living in an apartment complex made for Spirits made by Ratatoskr near where Shidou live. Yoshino is currently practicing with the help from Ratatoskr how to speak for herself, to be more precise how to speak without the aid of using her puppet in most case.

Yoshino has the appearance of a young girl at about 13 to 14 years of age, wearing a large green raincoat with a rabbit-ear hood holding a rabbit puppet in her left hand. Her preferred form of clothing appears to be sundresses along with boots that match her raincoat.

You can download this papercraft template here: Date A Live - Yoshino Rabbit Free Papercraft Download