DarkSiders II - Death Ver.2 Free Paper Model Download

DarkSiders II - Death Ver.2 Free Paper Model Download


DarkSiders II - Death Ver.2 Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is the , the leader of the Horseman, based on the video game , the papercraft was shared by Carojama. There is another Death papercraft on the site: DarkSiders II – Death Free Papercraft. Death's primary weapon is a large Scythe known as The Harvester and this weapon can be broken into two dual-scythes. Death can transform into his Reaper Form where he is more powerful and carries a massive Scythe.

After The Charred Council condemned the Nephilim to destruction, the Four Horsemen were granted a reprieve from this fate on the condition they aid the Council in victory over the rest of the Nephilim. Death bore the greatest burden of guilt on the near destruction of his own race. Death put on his iconic mask to represent his role as executioner the day this genocide pact was struct, and he has not removed the mask since. The souls of the Nephilim were trapped in a talisman forever bonded to his chest, leaving him cursed to be eternally tormented by the lost spirits.

Death is the main protagonist in Darksiders II. In Darksiders II, Death may be faced with the option of restoring the Nephilim or the Human race. Creative Director Joe Madureira told Game Informer magazine, "Death was actually involved in the destruction of his race. When he gets the choice to bring back humanity he has to deal with the fact that he could also erase this horrible thing that he's done and bring back the Nephilim instead."

Death's primary weapons are his dual-scythes that when combined form The Harvester. He will also acquire several stand alone inventory items throughout his quest.

  • The Harvester
  • Death Grip
  • Redemption
  • Soul Splitter
  • Voidwalker

However, there are several secondary items that Death gets throughout his quest, including light weapons such as Gauntlets, Claws, Tonfas, and Bucklers. He will also get some heavy weapons, including Hammers, Maces, Axes, and Polearms.

Death's light weapons are all low-damage, but they are very quick attacks. His heavy weapons move considerably slower with a long wind-up time, but they do huge amounts of damage with each hit. Death will also gain Possessed Weapons, items that can be upgraded and devour smaller items to increase their ability.

Death is far more agile than his brother war and has several different fundamental abilities that War does not have. Furthermore, Death does not have the ability to block, but instead uses his agility to dodge attacks and quickly counter.

  • Wall Run: When Death jumps at an angle to a wall, he performs a wall run that carries him a set distance. Wall runs can be chained together, allowing Death to traverse down a narrow hallway by jumping and performing this maneuver between walls.
  • Wall Bounce: By running to and jumping at a wall, Death momentarily performs a vertical wall run, slows for a moment, and then detaches. If Death jumps during the wall bounce, he leaps 180 degrees behind himself. This move can be chained together, allowing Death to run and jump up a narrow gap with walls on both sides.
  • Pillar Climb: Death can climb up pillars or other similarly slim objects with ease, and can leap to and from them.
  • Mantle: When Death is scrambling up a high wall, or wall running over a large distance he can grab hold of posts on the wall and propel himself upwards over them extending the distances he can travel. Once the Death Grip is unlocked Death can even grapple onto them from a distance.
  • Beam Running: Along thin platforms, War would move across these by performing hand over hand method. Death, being much more agile, simply flips up to the top of the beam and walks/runs across it.

You can download this papercraft model here: DarkSiders II - Death Ver.2 Free Paper Model Download