Daring Diver Donnie - Paper Toy

Daring Diver Donnie - Paper Toy


Freelance illustrator and papercraft designer Alexander Shen is our feature for today. He runs a site called Wandering Panda Comics where you can pick on his thoughts, illustration artwork, games, and of course comics.

The box-type paper toy pictured above is called Daring Diver Donnie and is availalbe for free download at Alex's blog/link below. Besides his cool dive suit, Donnie has a removable helmet that that you can build to fit his four sided head. The pattern is pretty easy and simple and should give you no problems.

Also, don't forget to check out their weekly giveaway contest, prize this week is a Custom Robo Arena video game for the Nintendo DS.

Daring Diver Donnie - Paper Toy [Wandering Panda Comics/Alexander Shen]

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